Is there a smoking area?
The smoking area is located on the first floor balcony. Drinks are not permitted in this area.

What time do the doors open and when does the main act start?
The running times may vary from show to show. Please check the events page of our website in the week leading up to the gig.

Can I buy a ticket from you directly?
No. The Palace Theatre does not have a box office. For ticket purchasing information please refer to our events page and locate the appropriate show.

I bought a ticket online can I just pick it up from the Palace before the show?
No. We do not have tickets here. Tickets must be collected from the box office of the company you purchased them from prior to the show. If you have requested they be sent by registered mail please make sure you have received them prior to the show. No ticket = No entry

My Mum used her credit card to book my ticket. Can I go and pick it up?
No. Photo identification needs to be produced by the cardholder at the time of collection. This means only the credit card holder can collect tickets. Please make sure you read all of the terms & conditions of sale at the time of purchase.

My dog ate my ticket….
Although sympathetic, we are unable to replace or reissue a lost, damaged or stolen ticket. Even if you have a record of your purchase, we cannot be sure that someone else will not present your ticket. Therefore treat your ticket like cash – do not lose it!

Dress Code Applies;
Based on OH&S regulations and general safety of patrons, shoes are to be worn at all times (NO THONGS, Flip Flops, Jandals, rubber soled open footwear).
Customers arriving to the venue in inappropriate footwear will not be given entry to the venue and will not be entitled to a refund.